About RivKon

RivKon hotel is one of the most hospitable and comforting hotel located in a quiet and serene area.

We offer our guests excellent service and perfect environment to relax, rest and reflect.

Our mission is enriching people’s lives with pleasant vacation moments and memories.

Our assets are: first-class rooms with breathtaking meals, excellent service and genuine hospitality.

RivKon Hotel – experience of outstanding service and hospitality since 2020! 

RivKon hotel provides a conducive environment where creativity, focus and maximum productivity is encouraged and as such business professionals, families and all category of individuals can have a perfect blend of leisure and work time.

Your patronage helps us keep the area developed and preserved for future generations to enjoy and explore.

Our Amenities

A great variety of amenities and additional services are available for you to fully enjoy every single aspect of your stay. You’ll have everything for short and long stays, for business and entertainment.

Airport Pickup

Standby vehicle to pick you up from the Airport as well as drop you off to the airport.

Laundry Service

We offer various types of laundry services, dry cleaning, steaming etc.

Table Tennis

We understand you will need to stretch out and exercise a little so we have that covered!

Calabar Kitchen

Enjoy home cooked food away from home. Our menu is tailored to meet your taste on request.

Wine Bar

Our collections of different wines, is just right for that moment you want to have some

Zoo tours

Individual, private and corporate Zoo tours you’ll definitely enjoy!